Staging Homes for the Different Generations!


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Cookie cutter staging doesn’t work any more! With the ever increasing number of Millennial buyers each property has to be carefully analyzed to determine who the most likely target buyer is.

The Baby Boomer Generation is looking for smaller updated homes, easier to maintain, high quality amenities, near shopping, and medical facilities. They choose furniture to be easy to get out off, not as soft and cushy, and less bulky.

The Generation X buyer is looking for simple clean lines, integrated electronic features, functional open multi purpose spaces,their furniture taste tends to be more modern yet not contemporary.  They have either school aged children, elderly parents, or college aged kids living with them.

The Millennial Buyers are looking for turn key ready properties with an open floor plan concept, newer bathrooms and kitchens, and low maintenance…
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Home Staging for the Different Generations!


The ROI Of Home Improvements!


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Many home improvements do not yield great ROI! When you are thinking of selling your home, start by selecting a Realtor and a Home Staging Expert. There are improvements and repairs that absolutely have to be tackled prior to listing but others can be left to your prospective buyer!
With the help of a Home Staging Expert, Realtor, and a Home Inspector (when needed) you can determine and narrow down the list of must “DO” and have your Stager style the other parts of the property to showcase its great features.
Home Staging yields much better ROI than many home improvements!

Styling your property is almost always less “expensive” than the 1st price reduction you take, when the property doesn’t sell!
Check out this great link on Home Improvements by @HouseLogic:  “Home Improvement | Choosing High ROI Upgrades”

Choose the right ROI;


Excellent lighting is a must during the Winter months!


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If your house is on the market or going to be listed during the Winter months, excellent lighting is an absolute must!

I am opsessed with proper lighting, it can set the tone for your entire showing. The right light fixture can cast an intimate ambient, an elegant, luxurious elan, or a contemporary, chic hue over a room or focal point.

Walking up to a well lit home is exceedingly more comfortable, inviting, and safer fo both your Realtor as well as your prospective buyers.

Light fixtures do not need to cost you an arm and a leg! When you are selling a property, you probably will want to go with nice but on the more budget friendly side.

On the hunt for less expensive chandeliers for my staging clients, I came across these at IKEA, they are all wonderful solutions.

These light fixtures have a wow factor, are friendly on the wallet, and work with many different design concepts.

Any of these illustrated fixtures, will keep those dreary Winter days at bay!

So brighten up your space;



*The following light fixtures can be found at IKEA in New Haven, Connecticut

How to decorate with the color Greenery?


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Friends asked me: ” How do I decorate with the new Pantone Color Greenery“?

First of all you do not need to go all green…

All it takes, is some decor items!  A few accent pillows, a throw, magazines, artwork, incorporate a few plants in your coffee tablescape and you are all set!

Happy New Year Everyone, cheers to ‘Greenery’



Home Staging should incorporate a touch of luxury in its design concept! CT Exclusive Homes


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Au contraire, to some designers/stagers, I strongly believe we are all entitled to some bling and luxury in our lives!  Regardless of our financial situation, we want to surround ourselves with beautiful things.  What better place than to indulge in our bedroom retreat. Click on the link to see some examples of  chic light fixtures I stumbled upon by Possini Euro Design“Possini-euro-glitz”